What is PlekHaus

plekHaus, run by master guitarmaker Jörg Kuhlo, combines the benefits of the traditional guitar maker's craft with state-of-the-art technology. Here at PlekHaus we offer first-class service covering all the traditional aspects of guitar building, maintainance and repair, as well as computer-guided fretboard analysis and fret jobs performed with the aid of our famous plek machine.

As a master guitar maker in his own right - Kuhlo Guitars - Jörg Kuhlo can look back on many years of experience in making a reparing guitars. Much of that experience was gained during his 10-year stay in the USA, during which he worked for guitar makers Washburn and Guild. The brand name plek stands for a patented process that performs fret jobs by machine on the basis of an analysis of the fretboard under string tension.

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